Heat pump dryer promotes the market of Chinese medicinal materials to improve efficiency and profit

- May 06, 2019 -

On the one hand, the price of Chinese medicinal materials is rising, on the other hand, the quality of Chinese medicinal materials has been questioned repeatedly. Recently, even the benchmark enterprises in the Chinese herbal medicine industry have been confronted with quality crisis and questioned. In terms of improving the quality of traditional Chinese medicines, heat pump dryer technology is promising. The rising prices of Chinese medicinal materials will certainly promote the prosperity of Chinese medicinal materials industry and the prosperous market of Chinese medicinal materials, but it is a great advantage for heat pump dryers. This opportunity, heat pump drying equipment enterprises must seize!

Chinese medicinal materials from planting, picking, drying, reprocessing into medicines, through extremely complex links, rising prices will inevitably promote the expansion and development of processing and processing of Chinese medicinal materials, the first thing facing is the drying of medicinal materials.

Most of the drying methods of Chinese herbal medicines are sulfur fumigation, air spreading and drying. Although fumigation and sulfur drying method has a good anti-rot effect on Chinese medicinal materials, it seriously affects the medicinal properties of Chinese medicinal materials and even endangers the health of patients; while traditional Chinese medicinal materials have a long drying cycle and low production efficiency, which is not conducive to the quality and scale development of Chinese medicinal production. High temperature heat pump dryer avoids the above problems very well. As a new drying method of medicinal materials, heat pump drying can reach the highest drying temperature of 75 C, and can adapt to the drying temperature conditions of most traditional Chinese medicines. Heat pump dryer improves the drying environment and product hygiene, achieves energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, but also can resist natural disasters, create greater economic benefits for production enterprises, the appearance and quality of dried Chinese medicinal materials have been greatly improved.

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