Matters needing attention when using heat pump dryer - very important!

- May 06, 2019 -

The heat pump dryer is a complex system engineering, so there are many factors to consider when choosing and purchasing the dryer, mainly referring to the following six factors for reference.

1.How many kilograms of materials can be dried at a time

Heat pump units are generally calculated in 5P units, with 10 units, 15 units and 20 units of other specifications. The 5P units for materials with high humidity can generally dry about 600 kilograms, and the materials with low humidity can be dried up to 1000 kilograms. Heat pump dryer can provide drying temperature

2. The applicability of heat pump is very wide. Material heat pump that can be dried by solar energy can be dried and shaped. Material heat pump that can not be dried by solar energy can also be dried. Heat pump can provide adjustable temperature of 20-80 degrees C. Material suitable for this temperature can be well dried and shaped.

3.The size of the drying room can be designed according to the site and the drying quantity of the primary material. The size of the conventional drying room is 2600-times; 2300-times; for the 2600 mm drying room, 15.5 cubic meters, the 5P unit can be selected under the normal circumstances; if the material's temperature requirement is not high as (50 C), the maximum of the 5P unit drying room can be designed to 20 cubic meters.

4.How much relative humidity should be saved

General agricultural and sideline products need to keep 25% relative humidity, but each product has different requirements for humidity, so as to control humidity, as long as the customer adjusts and controls properly according to his own demand, can automatic intelligent control set material humidity and temperature according to customer's needs?

<5.The amount of dehumidification

takes five units as unit. According to the difference of evaporative water content of materials, the average amount of dehumidification per hour of general materials is about 12 kg. When encountering materials with large moisture content and relatively difficult to evaporate, the amount of dehumidification is somewhat smaller

6.How long does it take to dry a batch of goods

e.g. the drying time of 500 kg Foxiang (diameter is 4 mm)? In 10 hours, bacon takes about 46 hours. Because of the variety of dried materials, the amount of water absorption and evaporation of each material is different, so the drying cycle should be adjusted according to the actual needs of the material.

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