Application Principle and Application Range of Industrial Microwave Equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

The working principle of industrial microwave equipment is that microwave is generated by microwave generator and input into microwave heater through energy feeding device when it is running. Material is sent to heater by transmission system. At this time, moisture in material is heated and evaporated by microwave energy, and water vapor is removed by dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying. Bacteria in materials are killed by biological and thermal effects produced by microwave electromagnetic field. Because microwave is directly acting on materials, the drying temperature is low and the drying speed is fast, and the loss of active ingredients in drugs is very small.

Industrial microwave equipment Uses: Food, medicine, agricultural and sideline products, additives, condiments, Chinese herbal medicine materials, chemical products, industrial products and other powdery, granular, flaky or colloidal products that need to be dried, the corresponding industries of this equipment are more, mainly: food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, building materials industry. Textile industry, paper products industry, wood industry, catering industry, baking industry, etc.

With industrial microwave equipment as the core, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing a whole drying equipment production line, covering not only microwave drying equipment, microwave dryer, microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, high temperature muffle oven, hot air circulation oven, heat pump dryer, drying room, and supporting conveying machinery, etc. Best-selling in all regions of the country and the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Libya, Pakistan and other countries. The representative customers of the production line are: Beijing Tongrentang, Henan Hao Wan Youzao, Hubei Ni's International Rose Group, Zhongnuo Pharmaceutical Industry, Ronglida Food, Stone Pharmaceutical Group, Bayi Chemical Industry, Jiangtungsten Group, Shenhong Group, Zhongnan Diamond, Xuchang Haobang and so on.

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