Reference Analysis of Price Cost of New Microwave Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

When we buy microwave dryer equipment, we often pay attention to the problem of microwave dryer price . What factors are the prices of microwave dryer related to? Let's get to know it today. The output of microwave dryers with different sizes is also different, so the final results are different. When choosing, we should make reasonable choices according to our actual situation and development scale.

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2. Different materials of microwave dryer

Different materials of microwave dryer result in different cost, machine performance and cost. At present, the common materials are polyurethane insulation board, spray paint, color steel, stainless steel, etc. The stainless steel material is more resistant to corrosion, high temperature and good insulation effect.

3. Different heat sources of dryers

different heat sources of dryers directly lead to different heat transfer furnaces, and ultimately directly affect the price of drying equipment. Common heat sources are microwave drying, air energy heat pump, electricity, coal, oil, steam, firewood and so on.

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When we buy microwave dryers, we will get different price concessions from manufacturers when we buy only one or concentrate on multiple purchases, so the more we buy, the more concessional we get, there is a certain reason.

Above are some factors about the price of microwave dryer , hope to help you. With industrial microwave equipment as the core, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing a whole drying equipment production line, which covers not only microwave drying equipment, microwave dryer, microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, high temperature muffle oven, hot air circulation oven, heat pump dryer, drying room, and supporting conveying machinery. Best-selling in all regions of the country and the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Libya, Pakistan and other countries. The representative customers of the production line are: Beijing Tongrentang, Henan Hao Wan Youzao, Hubei Ni's International Rose Group, Zhongnuo Pharmaceutical Industry, Ronglida Food, Stone Pharmaceutical Group, Bayi Chemical Industry, Jiangtungsten Group, Shenhong Group, Zhongnan Diamond, Xuchang Haobang and so on.

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