Three things about maintenance of microwave dryer in ultra-low temperature environment

- May 06, 2019 -

When winter comes, the temperature is too low, in order to avoid the condensation phenomenon in production affecting the normal operation of equipment and production efficiency. Therefore, before entering the coldest period of the whole year, we should do a good job in some details of dew prevention transformation to avoid trouble to production. Then, how to prevent microwave dryer condensation in winter?

do not stop as far as possible, if there are no special requirements, do not stop, because each shutdown will cause the microwave dryer body temperature to drop to condensation temperature, if it must stop, try to ensure that the temperature is higher than 30 degrees above the condensation temperature.

[2] In order to improve the anti-corrosion ability of ESP, including parts and components, the spraying anti-corrosion paint, the change plate and the change of polar line should be replaced by corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum alloy. If you really don't want to change, you should add a layer of heat-resistant and conductive protective coating.

[3] Enhance the thermal insulation of ESP, because the temperature in the north of the ESP is very low in winter. It is assumed that the thermal insulation layer outside the object of ESP can not only prevent the freezing of the ESP, but also prevent condensation. The low temperature is about to invade greatly, so it is urgent to reform the microwave dryer to prevent condensation in time. This is the premise to ensure that the equipment can continue to operate efficiently at low temperature.

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