Microwave dryer equipment greatly improves the quality effect of waterborne wood paint

- May 06, 2019 -

Different drying conditions have obvious difference in dehydration effect of waterborne wood lacquer. Considering the fixed content of waterborne wood lacquer is 38%, it can be seen that all moisture in the formulation can be removed basically by using microwave drying equipment 2 minutes, while the moisture can not be completely removed by baking in 45 OC oven for 10 minutes. If drying at room temperature is adopted, the film has been displayed after 20 minutes. Dry, moisture volatilization has been very difficult. The drying speed and production efficiency of paint film can be greatly improved by microwave drying equipment, which is 1 times higher than that of baking, 4-5 times higher than that of normal temperature drying, and the hardness is higher than that of normal temperature drying. It is suggested that the thickness of single wet film of two-component waterborne polyurethane should be less than 150 um in microwave dryer, while the temperature of wood substrate increased little in microwave drying process, so it can be safely used in wood drying.

Water-borne two-component can be fully applied in industrial production, and its performance is comparable to that of traditional solvent-based products. Using microwave drying equipment baking method can improve drying speed and production efficiency. Select n (-NCO): n (-OH) 1.2 to meet the requirements of use. The dryness of waterborne two-component polyurethane restricts its promotion in industrial production. It is found that microwave drying and low-temperature baking can solve this problem. The microwave drying equipment can not only improve the production efficiency, but also reduce the amount of curing agent and the side reaction between curing agent and water. When microwave drying n (-NCO): n (-OH) ratio is 1.2, the performance can reach that of room temperature drying when n (-NCO): n (-OH) ratio is 1.5, which saves cost and guarantees the performance of paint film. By observing the performance of the paint film after accelerated drying, it was found that the performance of the paint film after rapid drying was equivalent to or slightly higher than that of the natural drying paint film, and was comparable to that of solvent-based paint. The additional investment needed for microwave drying equipment can be completely offset by the additional profits brought by healthy and environmentally friendly selling points and the cost saved by reducing the dosage of curing agent. It also improves the product grade and benefits the construction of brand reputation.

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