New Breakthrough Application of Microwave Drying Equipment in Grain Drying

- May 06, 2019 -

The importance of grain in human life and the extensive and immeasurable demand for drying are immeasurable. Due to the continuous improvement of human cost, the traditional drying method has become a major problem that puzzles grain drying, so the demand for grain drying equipment has been growing strongly recently. Microwave drying equipment will also become a new option for grain dryers. Whether the microwave drying equipment has the opportunity to enter the grain drying market or not is still facing some practical problems in the process of popularization and application. Especially the problem of microwave drying equipment, because the microwave drying equipment has the following characteristics:

1. The equipment should be customized and the cycle is long.

2. The cost of equipment is high and the investment is large.

3. The equipment dryer can not move, and it is difficult to meet the mobile production.

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< p> In the first few years when microwave drying equipment was just popularized, the main users were grain departments and farms, and there were a small number of large farmers or agricultural machinery cooperative users of grain value. Mainly solve the weather problems, such as typhoons, rainy days when the sun can not be used to sun grain. When the weather is fine, the dryer is put on hold. The utilization rate of dryers is very low, but since 2008, the demand for dryers has exceeded the limitations of climate and other contingency factors and become very popular. The market demand of microwave drying equipment has gradually expanded in recent years. On the one hand, the demand of users has become increasingly strong, on the other hand, the support and guidance of agricultural machinery departments are indispensable. According to the needs of users, a series of good conditions have been created for the development of dryers.

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