Optimum Analysis of Dust Collector System of Microwave Drying Equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave drying equipment also known as microwave dryer, it is a microwave machine used to dry food, medicinal materials, wood, building materials, cardboard and other materials. In terms of the structure of microwave drying equipment, if the dust removal system of drying equipment can be reasonably configured to make the working environment of microwave drying equipment more smooth, it can not only improve the production efficiency, but also ensure the environmental protection of the production process. If the microwave drying equipment can improve the production efficiency in the process of using, it will not only save resources, but also reduce the cost of production, so as to make the enterprise products more competitive in the market. So how to improve the production efficiency of microwave drying equipment is a problem worth pondering, so according to the current situation of domestic microwave drying equipment, we studied a new type of bag dust removal equipment, which has obvious application efficiency in microwave drying equipment. The bag filter series of microwave drying equipment is divided into 4 to 16 bag chambers, which are composed of dust hopper, dusty gas space, guide plate, filter chamber, air purifying chamber and dust cleaning mechanism installed on the upper part of the dust collector and controlled by cut-off valve and lifting switching valve. The inner part is divided into several small bag chambers, the filter area is between the lower orifice plate and the top cover plate; the dust gas space is between the upper part of the ash bucket and the lower orifice plate; and the clean air space is between the top cover plate (i.e. & ldquo; the common passage between the clean air and the clean air-rdquo;).

Bag filter of microwave drying equipment works normally. Dust-containing gas is distributed to each small bag chamber under the action of induced draft fan. Dust is evenly flowed into the filter bag through the lower orifice plate. Dust is trapped on the inner surface of the filter bag, while air is purified through the filter bag. The purified air is discharged through the induced draft fan. In the atmosphere.

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