New Practical Baking Technology for Shrimp Roasted by Microwave Equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Roasted shrimp is mainly sold to high-end hotels, bars, KTV and other places. It is also a fashionable gift for business meetings and gifts for relatives and friends. Therefore, people have certain requirements for the taste and product quality of roast shrimp. Microwave research and development of practical application type microwave roasting shrimp equipment using low temperature flexible roasting technology, baked shrimp, unique flavor, sweet taste, high-quality products, popular with consumers. The main characteristics of

microwave shrimp roasting equipment are

1, energy saving, environmental protection and sanitation. Microwave roasting shrimp equipment is mainly processed by microwave technology. Without burning coal or baking materials, the quality of microwave baked shrimp fully meets the food hygiene standards.

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2, high thermal efficiency and low production cost. In the process of heating and baking shrimp, microwave energy acts directly on shrimp, heating box and air are not heated, energy loss is mainly in the heating of electrical appliances and wires, most of the microwave energy is absorbed by shrimp, so the thermal efficiency is high, lower than the production cost of conventional electric oven.

3. The equipment is made of all stainless steel and fully meets the quality and certification standards of food machinery.

4, microwave shrimp roasting equipment is a non-standard customized equipment, which can be customized according to different customer requirements and actual production capacity.

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5, low labor cost. The equipment is fully automated and pipelined. Generally, two workers can operate the equipment for production.

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