A Brief Talk on Microwave Hot Air Composite Deep Processing System of Rose Production Line

- May 06, 2019 -

According to the characteristics of rose, the physical changes of substances, heat and mass exchange and water transfer in the process of drying were deeply studied. Considering the factors of temperature and time in the drying process, a revolutionary new technology and technology in the field of flower drying, mdash; & mdash; microwave hot air combined drying, was developed. This production line integrates the advantages of microwave and hot air. It is an intellectualized composite flower production line which integrates sterilization, green killing and drying. It overcomes the problems of long cycle, low efficiency and different products in conventional drying. During the drying process, it increases condensation and recovery of evaporative cell liquid, and improves the degree of deep processing and added value of products.

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Rose Peanut Production Line Processing Flow:

Selection & rarr; Screening & rarr; Upgrading & Rar; Microwave Hot Air Qualitative & rarr; Hot Air Mid-Temperature Drying & rarr; Hot Air Low Temperature Drying & rarr; Output Packaging

< p> Product Highlights:

1, Unique Customized Process

1, Microwave Hot Air Killing and Cyanicidal Technology Bacteria and drying are completed at one time;

2. Flowers are specially designed for the characteristics of large water content, vulnerability to damage and discoloration of flowers. The finished products are full in color, uniform in dryness and well preserved in nutrients;

3. Customization: customization of production line scale according to production requirements.

2, intelligent control, energy saving and high efficiency

1, intelligent control system: embedded control system, PLC automatic intelligent control, one-button start;

2, non-contact infrared temperature measurement: multi-point temperature measurement, high accuracy, automatic control;

3, microwave power, speed conversion, magnetic field strength, transmission speed, distribution thickness, air volume, temperature and humidity can be controlled and adjusted, self-control. High degree of automation and intellectualization;

4, using hot air circulation to control temperature automatically and dehumidify automatically to reduce heat emissions, the heat utilization rate can reach more than 80%, energy saving is remarkable;

5, on-line cleaning function: on-line automatic intelligent cleaning of equipment, whole machine cleaning, time saving and labor saving.

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