Ten Advantages of Microwave Heating

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave heating has many distinct advantages as follows:

(1) The heating speed is fast. Because microwave heating is basically heated inside and outside as a whole (except for objects that are too thick), unless the electromagnetic wave does not penetrate or the penetration depth is insufficient, this heating method is much faster than heating methods such as hot air, gas, steam, electric heating and far infrared, usually several times to tens of times or even higher.

(2) High heating efficiency, energy saving. Because microwave heating is the result of interaction between electromagnetic wave and material molecule directly, unlike conventional heat radiation or heat conduction methods, some heat energy will be wasted inadvertently. The loss of microwave propagation in air is very small (within a short distance), energy loss is mainly concentrated in the volume of material, and microwave power conversion efficiency is high, so it can save energy consumption. High economic benefit.

(3) Heating uniformly. The principle of microwave heating determines that the temperature rise process of materials is different from that of conventional methods, the temperature distribution of the latter is external heat and internal cooling, and microwave heating method can keep the temperature difference between inside and outside at a very low level, sometimes even produce the situation that the internal temperature is higher than the surface temperature. Therefore, in general, the temperature produced by microwave heating is much more uniform.

(4) selective heating. The temperature rise of different materials or materials with different moisture content is different in the process of microwave heating. The larger the moisture content, the faster the heating is; on the contrary, the slower the heating is. This is commonly referred to as the selective heating effect. The simplest example is that when food is heated or cooked in a microwave oven, the food is heated or cooked, while the containers and rotating chassis for food are still cold, which is the result of microwave selective heating.

(5) The instant control of heating process. Microwave heating is very fast and convenient to control and has instantaneity. In other words, turning on the power switch of the microwave equipment, the microwave immediately produces and starts to heat the material, which has no thermal inertia like other heating methods. When the microwave power is turned off, the microwave disappears immediately and the heating process stops immediately. This is very useful in many heating applications and cannot be done by other heating methods.

(6) Increase yield, quality and grade. Because the surface temperature of the object will not be too high when microwave heating, there will be no overheating, crust or coking phenomenon, which is very advantageous for some applications where the surface shape or color requirements are high.

(7) Physical and chemical effects of microwave. Microwave heating can produce certain physicochemical effects. Therefore, at present, besides the direct use of thermal effects as heating, dehydration, drying, recycling, whitening, sterilization, disinfection, fixation and other applications, this unique physicochemical effect is also used in the fields of extrusion, protein denaturation, chemical extraction, digestion, starch gelatinization and so on.

(8) Good environmental protection and improvement of working conditions. Because of the low temperature of the whole equipment, high degree of automation of manual operation, low ambient temperature, simple operation, high reliability and meeting the requirements of environmental protection in microwave heating, the working conditions have been greatly improved.

(9) occupies a small area and saves investment. Because the microwave heating equipment is small in size and only needs a certain power supply, it occupies a small area in use and can greatly save investment costs.

(10) Maintenance cost is low. The main maintenance cost of microwave heating equipment in long-term operation is microwave power supply, i.e. the electronic tube that generates high-power microwave --- mdash; & mdash; magnetron. Generally speaking, the normal working life of magnetron can reach thousands of hours or even longer.

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