Intelligent Temperature Control of Sweet Potato High Temperature Heat Pump Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

The sweet potato high temperature heat pump dryer produced by the company can be used for drying sweet potato chips, sweet potato chips, sweet potato dices and other bulk, strip, sheet materials. The drying time varies from 10 to 20 hours depending on the shape and thickness of the material. Using low-temperature (drying temperature between 50-75 C) drying technology, the finished product has good color and beautiful appearance.

heat pump sweet potato dryer has low drying cost and simple operation. It uses electricity as energy source and produces environment sanitation, which fully meets the requirements of food production and processing.

According to the actual production requirements of customers, the company customizes the sweet potato dryer for customers. The drying room is made of insulating board with superior heat preservation and low investment. The heating unit is controlled by fully automatic intelligence. The drying temperature and humidity are set by users themselves.

When the oven temperature reaches the set drying temperature, the heating unit automatically stops working, at which time the heating unit no longer consumes electricity; when the oven temperature is lower than the set temperature (such as below the set temperature of 5 C), the heating host automatically starts working and starts heating.

The company takes industry microwave equipment as the core, specially designs and manufactures the whole drying equipment production line, covering not only microwave drying equipment, microwave dryer, microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, high temperature muffle oven, hot air circulation oven, heat pump dryer, drying room, and supporting conveying machinery. The whole set of industrial automatic production line equipment. Best-selling in all regions of the country and the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Libya, Pakistan and other countries. The representative customers of the production line are: Beijing Tongrentang, Henan Hao Wan Youzao, Hubei Ni's International Rose Group, Zhongnuo Pharmaceutical Industry, Ronglida Food, Stone Pharmaceutical Group, Bayi Chemical Industry, Jiangtungsten Group, Shenhong Group, Zhongnan Diamond, Xuchang Haobang and so on.

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