Economic Benefit Analysis of Heat Pump Dryer and Traditional Drying Process

- May 06, 2019 -

The test results show that the economic and technological indexes of heat pump drying technology are much better than those of traditional drying technology, mainly in the aspects of energy saving, high quality and high efficiency. Heat pump drying process:

1, energy consumption comparison

1: According to the test results, the heater (i.e. heat pump host) processes 1 ton of fresh vegetable and consumes 20 kg of standard coal, 2.75 kW of heat pump and 0.2 kW of circulating fan. The energy consumption is 11.8 kW, the conversion coefficient of standard coal is 407 g/(kW·h), and 4.803 kg of standard coal. The total energy consumption is 20 kg+4.803 kg=24.803 kg (standard coal).

2) Traditional drying process: 240kg standard coal is used, 2.4kW power consumption is consumed by circulating fan, 407g/(kW·h) is converted to standard coal, and 0.977kg is converted to standard coal. The total energy consumption is 240+0.977=240.977 kg (standard coal).

3) Calculate the energy saving rate: (1-24.803/240.977) & times; 100% = 90%.

2. Quality comparison. Heat pump drying process, product quality is stable, good color, no SO2 and other dew residues.

p>3. Comparison of drying efficiency. Using heat pump drying process, the product has qualified moisture content, no rework phenomenon and short drying time. Therefore, the application of heat pump dryer equipment not only saves a lot of energy, but also greatly improves work efficiency. Heat pump drying process is a technically feasible and economically reasonable energy-saving project for vegetable dehydration production. This new technology and process are very successful from theory to practice.

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