Exploration of the Working Principle of Heat Pump Dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

At present, a new type of dryer specially designed for landing in the main battlefield of the national coal-to-electricity policy has gradually come into people's vision, from initial suspicion, trial, improvement and promotion to be accepted by most people. It is what our industry calls heat pump dryer , also known as air-energy high-temperature dryer. The working principle of

heat pump dryer is to compress refrigerant (mostly mixed refrigerant) into high temperature and high pressure gas by compressor, and the gas temperature can reach 100-110 C. Such high temperature gas enters heat exchanger (condenser) through pipeline (copper tube), and then generates heat exchanger (condenser) through fan. The heat is sent to the drying room to heat and dry the material. The moisture of the heated material evaporates in the drying room, and is discharged to the drying room through the dehumidifier or the dehumidifier, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

Refrigerants that release heat in heat exchangers (condensers) change into low-temperature and low-pressure liquids through throttle valves and oil separators. Liquid refrigerants enter the evaporator to continuously absorb heat in the atmosphere, absorb certain energy refrigerants and then return to the compressor for re-compression, thus recycling. In this way, the heat in the air can be continuously transported to the drying room to heat and dry the materials through the work of the compressor.

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< p> is commonly understood as: the principle of heat pump dryer is similar to that of our home air conditioner. We know that the home air conditioner is divided into indoor and outdoor units. When the air conditioner is refrigerated, the indoor units continuously provide air-conditioning to the indoor, while the outdoor units continuously discharge hot air.

Then, our heat pump dryer is the same as the air conditioning principle, but what we need is the hot air that he discharges (of course, the temperature of hot air discharged by air conditioning is low, and the hot air discharged by heat pump dryer is high).

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