Microwave Roasting Shrimp Equipment Creates a New Starting Point for Seafood Deliciousness

- May 06, 2019 -

microwave roasting shrimp equipment adopt low temperature flexible roasting technology, low roasting temperature, less loss of nutrients of roasted shrimp. The baked shrimp is big, beautiful and tastes good, but the baking time is a little long. After improvement, the microwave baking shrimp equipment can produce more shrimp, and the baking shrimp equipment has bactericidal effect. In the process of baking, it has bactericidal effect. The microbial indicators of the finished shrimp fully meet the hygienic standards.

microwave shrimp roasting equipment mainly replaces the traditional firewood roasting equipment. The equipment has high energy conversion efficiency and fast heating speed. When baking, the structure of macromolecule substances in components is denatured by the expansive force of gas, and they become multi-microporous substances with network structure characteristics and stereotyping. Compared with traditional baking equipment, there is no open fire, no smoke, no dust, environmental protection and hygiene. The surface of baked shrimp is bright, no impurities, raw shrimp juice, fresh and delicious meat.

p>microwave roasting shrimp equipment has bactericidal effect in the roasting process. Under the dual action of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect, compared with conventional temperature sterilization, satisfactory sterilization can be achieved at lower temperature and in a very short time. Generally, the sterilization temperature is about 80 C, the treatment time is 3 - 5 minutes, and the nutrient composition can be maintained to the maximum.

Microwave roasting shrimp equipment can not only roast prawns, but also serve as fish fillet roasting equipment. Compared with traditional methods, microwave roasting food is crisp and delicious, full-puffed, natural color, beautiful appearance, and has the function of insecticidal and sterilization. The equipment is a combination of ultrashort wave and light wave.

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