On the importance of microwave dryer equipment selection!

- May 06, 2019 -

On the importance of microwave dryer equipment selection:

1) installation site size, whether there are special requirements.

p>2) The commodity value of materials and the effect of drying effect of microwave dryer on it. For example, the effects of product moisture, pollution, temperature, wear, pulverization, crushing, rehydration

property etc. on commodity value.

< 3) Upper and lower sequence technology of material drying process. (relating to the state method of feeding and discharging)

p>4) drying characteristics of materials-drying curve, critical moisture content and equilibrium moisture content under the proposed drying conditions.

5) Physicochemical properties of materials--morphology, moisture content, water-bearing property, crystalline water, particle size, bulk density, viscosity, thermal sensitivity, softening point, phase transition point, touch

denaturation, toxicity, corrosiveness, peculiar smell, flammability, explosivity, electrostatic property, permeability, agglomeration, fragility of crystals or particles...

<6) Requirements for material recovery of microwave dryer.

7) The amount of purchasing capital that may be invested by available heat sources (coal, fuel, electricity, gas, liquefied gas, natural gas)

8), the price of local labor, land and energy.

9) Environmental protection requirements - restrictions on dust emission, noise, vibration, odor, volatiles, etc.

p>10) Operator level and maintenance ability of microwave dryer users.

< 11) The average annual temperature and humidity.

12) Past drying methods of materials or similar products.

< 13) Drying output requirements and long-term planning of microwave dryer.

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