Microwave drying equipment enters the era of price cost deciding operation quality

- May 06, 2019 -

Now every time we sign a contract with our customers for industrial microwave equipment the most common thing we hear is the sigh of our business there. Now the price of the same kilowatt is several times that of the same kilowatt sold more than a decade ago. What's the reason? Everyone knows that the competition in this industry is becoming more and more fierce because of the large number of peers. With the continuous improvement of labor costs, the profit of each equipment is already very small and the price is almost transparent. Under the premise of

, low-cost microwave drying equipment can only reduce the quality of equipment. Many of the main equipments are either insufficient in quantity or low-end products. Such equipment will run for a long time, and such problems will arise. Because of its low price, the dispatch of maintenance personnel will not be very timely. Therefore, ultra-low-cost microwave drying equipment is bound to have no high-quality performance.

The company takes industry microwave equipment as the core, specially designs and manufactures the whole drying equipment production line, covering not only microwave drying equipment, microwave dryer, microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, high temperature muffle oven, hot air circulation oven, heat pump dryer, drying room, and supporting conveying machinery. The whole set of industrial automatic production line equipment. Best-selling in all regions of the country and the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Libya, Pakistan and other countries. The representative customers of the production line are: Beijing Tongrentang, Henan Hao Wan Youzao, Hubei Ni's International Rose Group, Zhongnuo Pharmaceutical Industry, Ronglida Food, Stone Pharmaceutical Group, Bayi Chemical Industry, Jiangtungsten Group, Shenhong Group, Zhongnan Diamond, Xuchang Haobang and so on.

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