Ceramic Craft Heat Pump Dryer with High Technical Automation

- May 06, 2019 -

The drying technology of ceramic crafts generally adopts hot air drying technology. Its heat sources are natural gas, coal, electric boilers and so on, which have high energy consumption and potential safety hazards. Microwave high temperature heat pump dryer rent ensures small and high drying, improves drying efficiency and has high degree of automatic regulation. The moisture content of

ceramic green body is generally between 5% and 25%. The moisture content of green body is composed of equilibrium moisture and free moisture. Under certain air condition, the limit of drying is to make green body reach equilibrium moisture. Balanced water is a part of bound water, which depends on the temperature and relative humidity of the drying medium. When the binding water is discharged, the volume of the green body does not shrink and is relatively safe. Under stable drying conditions, the surface temperature, moisture content and drying rate of green body have certain relationship with time. According to the changing characteristics of the relationship between them, drying process can be divided into three stages: heating stage, constant-speed drying stage and slow-speed drying stage:

< 1. Heating stage

< p> because the heat transferred from drying medium to the surface of green body in unit time is large. The heat consumed by evaporation of water on the surface increases gradually until it is equal to the wet bulb temperature of the drying medium. At this time, the heat consumed by surface heat and evaporation reaches a dynamic equilibrium and the temperature remains unchanged. At this stage, the moisture content of green body decreases and the drying rate increases.

2. In the isokinetic drying stage

non-bound water discharges were continued in this stage. Because of the high moisture content of the green body and the amount of water evaporated on the surface, the amount of water can be supplemented inside the green body. That is, the velocity of water movement inside the green body is equal to the evaporation rate of surface water and the diffusion rate outside, so the surface maintains a wet state. At the end of the isokinetic drying stage, the moisture content of the material decreases to the critical value. At this time, although the internal material is still non-bound water, bound water begins to appear in the surface layer. In the stage of slow drying

the moisture content of green body decreases, the internal diffusion rate can not catch up with the evaporation rate of surface water and the external diffusion rate, the surface no longer maintains humidity, and the drying rate decreases gradually. As the heat required for surface water evaporation decreases, the material temperature begins to rise gradually. The water vapor partial pressure on the material surface is less than the saturated water vapor partial pressure at the surface temperature. At this stage, the binding water is discharged, and the green body does not produce volume shrinkage and dry waste products. When the material drainage decreases equal to the equilibrium moisture content, the drying rate becomes zero and the drying process terminates.

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