Process flow of heat pump dryer for cauliflower

- May 06, 2019 -

Yellow cauliflower heat pump dryer process operation:

yellow cauliflower picking: select flower buds 1-2 hours before grinning, then yellow cauliflower yield is high and quality is good. Steaming: Steaming is an important process in the processing of yellow cauliflower. The collected flower buds should be steamed in time. Steaming time is about 8 minutes, that is to say, when they reach five ripeness, the color changes from yellow to green, the handle begins to soften, and the hand rubbing buds has a slight verbose sound.

Drying: Spread the steamed buds evenly on the drying tray or on the drying net for drying. The appropriate drying temperature is 50-70 degrees, and the final moisture content is 14%.

Test: The dried cauliflower was selected and graded to remove impurities. Measuring Packaging: Measuring Packaging after Inspection.

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