Microwave paper dryer is about to rewrite a new chapter of paper processing

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave paper dryer is a modern high-tech production equipment, which has changed the traditional heat transfer method of heating and drying paper. Microwave does not need preheating and heat transfer, but directly heating paper products both inside and outside. Heating uniformity is good, no coking phenomenon occurs, and it is not easy to cause the phenomenon of endogenous coke. The specific characteristics and advantages of

are as follows: fast drying speed, high efficiency, uniform drying, smoothness and small modification of cardboard. The microwave paper dryer process has strong bactericidal function, which greatly improves the anti-mildew ability of paperboard and prolongs its shelf life. Compared with far infrared drying, the drying time is shortened by 2/3 and the energy consumption is saved by 1/3. The microwave paper dryer has been widely used in paper products, wood pulp products and other industries because of its characteristics of fast heating, uniformity, energy saving, high efficiency, safety and harmlessness, non-cracking, non-deformability, continuous production and great improvement of working conditions. Medium.

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