The benefit scale of microwave drying equipment in industrial energy-saving application is unstoppable

- May 06, 2019 -

In industrial production, many manufacturers still choose traditional equipment for many reasons, such as: too much output, difficult to meet the output, or materials do not absorb wave characteristics, industrial microwave drying equipment in the market share is not very high, but its energy-saving and environmental protection efficiency characteristics will become an indispensable substitute for industrial equipment.

microwave drying equipment production industry itself is an energy-saving, environmental protection & ldquo; carbon-free Economy & rdquo; a typical representative of industrial microwave drying equipment, for example: using microwave heating technology to dry materials. When microwave drying is heated, the heated material is usually placed in the heating chamber of metal manufacturing. The heating part is a closed cavity for microwave, with less external heat loss. Microwave only acts on materials and no additional heat loss, so the thermal efficiency is very high. At the same time, the environment of the workplace will not increase, and the environmental conditions will be significantly improved. Therefore, energy saving and power saving can generally save 30% & mdash; about 50%.

With the continuous innovation of products and services of enterprises in the industry, industry microwave drying equipment has occupied 58% of the market share of other drying equipment industries. The market share of industrial microwave drying equipment will increase dramatically with the continuous recognition of many industries and the continuous use of energy-saving, efficient and cost-reducing equipment and the support of national policies.

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