Summarize the Maintenance Content of Ammonium Thiocyanate Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

Ammonium thiocyanate, colourless crystal. It is easy to be deliquescent, colorless and lustrous monoclinic lamellar or columnar crystal, and rhombic crystal at 92 ~C. It is easy to dissolve in water and shows endothermic reaction when it dissolves in water. The main advantages of

dryer are as follows: 1. Low drying temperature, uniformity and bright color of the product. 2. Short drying time and strong aroma. 3. Energy saving and high efficiency. 4. Easy to control and advanced technology. Monthly Maintenance of Ammonium Thiocyanate Dryer

< p> < p> 1. Check the filter element of the guide filter of the air-flow dryer and replace it if necessary. 2. Check the suction filter of the airflow dryer and replace it if necessary. 3. Check the control air filter of non-thermal and airflow dryer. Change if necessary. The drying time of

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air flow dryer is generally 1-4 seconds, and the product has left the dryer before the temperature has risen, so it is suitable for drying thermal sensitive materials. The main form of dry water is surface water, which is difficult to meet the technological requirements for materials containing more internal water.

ammonium thiocyanate dryer is suitable for concentrating, mixing, drying of powdery, granular and fibre materials in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and materials requiring low-temperature drying (such as biochemical products), and more suitable for drying of materials which are easy to oxidize, volatile, heat-sensitive, strongly irritating, toxic and not allowed to destroy crystals.

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