Free maintenance and lifelong maintenance of seasoning dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

seasoning dryer , aiming at the actual needs of seasoning in the market, combines the traditional spray drying process with the physicochemical characteristics of paste essence, the physicochemical characteristics of powder forming and the inertia thinking of operators, and develops a new generation of seasoning dryer. Has won the majority of customers love! The main features of

seasoning dryer are as follows: 1. Fast drying speed 2. All products are spherical particles with uniform particle size and good fluidity 3. Wide range of use 4. Simple and stable operation, easy control

all materials which are sun-dried can be dried. At that time, just set the drying temperature and humidity according to the actual situation. Low temperature sterilization keeps nutrient composition and traditional flavor.

Guarantee: 1. Free maintenance and lifelong maintenance for the whole year from the date of the equipment leaving the factory. 2. The manufacturer is responsible for the safe and rapid delivery of the equipment to the customer's location.

seasoning dryer processing technology: concentrated paste & mdash; & mdash; feed system & mdash; & mdash; feed energy suppressor & mdash; & mdash; microwave drying heater & mdash; & mdash; feed energy suppressor & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; cooling system & mdash; & mdash; discharge crushing system.

and microwave sterilization is the combination of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect, which causes the variation of protein and physiological active substance in the body, and results in the delay and death of microorganism growth and development, so as to achieve the purpose of food insecticide, sterilization and freshness preservation.

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