Three Stages of Ejiao Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

Ejiao is the skin of horse donkey. It is a solid gum made by boiling and concentrating. Ejiao block belongs to colloid. Drying dehydration has its special requirements: the temperature of dehydration should not be higher than 40 C, otherwise the Ejiao colloid will deform, the adjacent Ejiao blocks will adhere and the surface of the block will foam; and the drying speed should not be too fast, and the water control should not be too low, otherwise it will easily cause. Colloid cracks and corners drop.

Ejiao dryer should be used with the drying room. If the use of professional cold storage board combination of drying room, the effect is better. The main features of

E-gelatin dryer are as follows: 1. Drying with low humidity and constant temperature, the product after drying is of high quality, non-cracking and good color. 2. The machine has reasonable structure, convenient installation and maintenance, smooth operation and simple use. 3. Temperature and humidity control in drying oven. 4. High thermal efficiency and energy saving. 5. Heating uniformity: forced air circulation by fan. The three stages of

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Ejiao dryer are as follows: 1. The first stage, the heating stage and 2. The second stage. In the third stage, the drying chamber of microwave donkey gum is heated rapidly, and the microwave heating is different from the traditional heating method. It does not need the heat conduction process. It makes the heated material itself become a heater, so even the material with poor heat conductivity can reach the heating temperature in a very short time.

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