Analysis of three advantages of honey pill dryer over other manufacturers

- May 07, 2019 -

The dryer of honey pills used microwave heating and drying sterilization principle to sterilize Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal slices, water, honey pills and so on. The system is mainly composed of microwave heating equipment, material conveying system, control and detection system, dehumidification system and so on.

Microwave sterilization equipment uses microwave to heat honey pills in a non-contact way. The material can be heated both in the surface and in the interior at the same time, and the heating is uniform without thermal difference. It can maintain the nutrient composition, color and shape of honey pills to a great extent and improve the quality of products.

Honey Ball Dryer Characteristics: 1. Good drying quality and beautiful appearance 2. Energy-saving and low operating cost 3. Environment-friendly and pollution-free 4. Drying parameters are easy to control and adjustable in a wide range

Honey Ball Dryer has advantages over other manufacturers: 1. It can not only dry materials, but also sometimes bake, ripen or cool them. But wait for the processing operation. 2. Unique air distributor makes the hot air distribution more uniform and ensures the consistency of product quality. 3. Simple structure, convenient installation, long-term operation, failure, can enter the box body internal maintenance, maintenance is convenient. We will send professional technicians to serve you in time. Your satisfaction is our promise! Perfect after-sales service is our eternal pursuit, cooperation with you is our greatest wish, but also your best choice!

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