Analysis of the benefits of kelp dryer for you

- May 07, 2019 -

Laminaria japonica is a kind of algae growing in low temperature sea water. kelp dryer this machine has high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, beautiful and compact design, high thermal efficiency, uniform temperature, strong, heat insulation effect is excellent. The series of dryers designed and manufactured by our factory can use coal, electricity, oil and gas as energy sources, and are also widely loved by customers. The problems of

natural artificial drying are as follows: 1. It takes a large area and needs a large sunshine field to meet the mass production. 2. Labor intensity is high, requiring frequent turning under strong ultraviolet radiation. 3. Poor hygienic conditions prevent pests from breeding and food safety is not guaranteed. Main features of

kelp dryer 1. Clean drying environment, no exhaust gas, waste water, waste residue discharge. 2. It has controllable temperature and humidity regulation function, high control precision and can meet the needs of high-end market. 3. Drying products have good quality, high output and high added value.

seaweed dryer parameters can be adjusted properly, it can also be applied to the drying of seaweed, dried fish, dried shrimps, dried shrimps, squid, cuttlefish, COD, sardines, prawn and other products. I believe that in the future, more people will use heat pump dryer such as kelp dryer because of its energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics.

adhere to the principle of honesty and sound management, and dare to participate in the benign competition of the market, so that the brand has a good reputation. We adhere to the principle of service first and user first, so as to win the trust of customers in drying equipment.

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