The ideal equipment for drying tea

- May 07, 2019 -

Tea tastes bitter, sweet and cool. Traditional drying methods have many disadvantages, such as high energy consumption, high labor intensity, difficult to guarantee the quality affected by weather, etc. tea dryer environmental protection and energy saving, green and pollution-free, intelligent control, time-saving and labor-saving, providing product quality, 24-hour operation without external environmental impact, and so on. 。 Drying is an important process in tea processing. There are three forms: drying, frying and drying.

p>strong>tea dryer processing process: fresh leaves & rarr; spreading & rarr; killing Green & rarr; rolling & rarr; shaping pot frying & rarr; drying. The strong advantages of

tea dryer are as follows: 1. Using built-in high temperature resistant circulating fan can greatly reduce heat loss. 2. The box is equipped with adjustable air equalizer, so that the temperature of the upper and lower parts of the box is uniform. 3. The whole box is fully enclosed, energy-saving and efficient.

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