Composition and structure characteristics of sea cucumber dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

The sea cucumber dryer is a mild drying method, which is close to natural drying. The evaporation rate of surface water is close to the migration rate of internal water to the surface, so that the dried products have good quality, good color and high grade. By domestic and foreign customers unanimously praised!

Sea cucumber dryer has good color, no thorns, no defective products, special design, energy saving and environmental protection, low noise, high efficiency and simple operation. The machine is made of stainless steel material, no corrosion, long service life, easy cleaning and hygiene.

Product process: 1. Raw material treatment 2. High temperature blanching 3. Sea cucumber cold air drying 4. Sea cucumber selection and processing

Sea cucumber dryer equipment features: 2. Long service life, low maintenance costs. 3. Comfort and convenience, automation, automatic thermostat. 4. Wide scope of application. Easy to install: easy to install, demolish and occupy less space. Composition and structure of

sea cucumber dryer : 1. Heat source air-energy heat pump unit. 2. The heat preservation room of the drying room. 3. Hot air circulation device in drying room. 4. Automatic dehumidifier. 5. Intelligent temperature and humidity control device. 6. Material trolleys and pallets for sea cucumbers.

Sea cucumber dryer dried products full, bright color, good gloss, has been customer-centered, customer value creation concept, quality, service to win the market, sincerely hope to cooperate with all sectors of society!

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