Advanced level of carrot dryer at home and abroad

- May 07, 2019 -

Carrot has high nutritional value, rich in carotene and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. At the same time, carrot has a variety of medicinal value. Carrot baking dryer has reached the advanced level at home and abroad after many upgrades, and has been widely praised by customers at home and abroad. Here we analyze the reasons.

carrot dryer successfully solved several difficulties: 1. fading 2. irregular shape 3. unqualified packaging materials

product process: material cleaning & rarr; peeling & rarr; slicing & rarr; blanching & rarr; color protection & rarr; drying & rarr; softening & rarr; pressing & rarr; packaging & rarr; products. The working principle of

carrot dryer is as follows: 1. Using hot air circulation, the baking products can be dried quickly in a pollution-free environment. 2. Customized high-precision digital probe collects temperature and relative humidity. 3. The precision of temperature and humidity control is very high. 4. Equipment stability is very strong: Especially in view of the actual situation of unstable voltage in rural areas, wide voltage design is adopted, all of which adopt well-known electronic components at home and abroad, which is conducive to ensuring the operation stability of the equipment.

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