Persimmon dryer dries quickly and consumes less energy

- May 07, 2019 -

After years of experience accumulation and professional technical team, we developed persimmon dryer . The dried persimmon products have good color and luster, high opening rate, fast drying energy saving, can maintain the true color and quality of persimmon, no pollution to persimmon, simple operation, reliable operation, high output, low drying cost and high economic benefits.

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persimmon dryer has advantages over other manufacturers: 1. the whole machine has low noise, balanced operation, automatic temperature control, and easy installation and maintenance. 2. It can be widely used to dry various materials and is a general drying equipment. 3. It has low cost and can automatically control the working process. 4. The equipment is simple in structure, small in volume and easy to operate.

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< p> Product process: 1. Cleaning and peeling 2. Drying and pressing 3. Drying and shaping 4. Graded packaging

< p> automatically standby after the completion of the task to reduce energy consumption. Efficient and hygienic, the use of hot air dryer, so that the barn temperature is uniform, drying more thoroughly, greatly shorten the drying time and the drying environment is quiet and hygienic. Safety, electric room separation, thermal insulation color steel thermal insulation oven, no open fire, no traditional drying equipment combustion, leakage and other dangers.

persimmon dryer is also suitable for drying lotus seeds, Camellia seed, Gastrodia elata, wolfberry, Brazilian mushroom, morchella, Boletus, Lentinus edodes, ginseng, ginseng fruit, snow lotus fruit, Momordica grosvenori, Dendrobium candidum and other materials.

hereby guarantees to treat every customer sincerely, to provide customers with high-quality service enjoyment, to insist on fully transparent services that show product items and charging standards, and to solve customers'troubles at the fastest speed!

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