Porphyra dryer fully complies with food hygiene standards

- May 07, 2019 -

Our most common artificial sunshine, but this method has many shortcomings, not only consuming manual work, but also affected by the weather. Once the weather is bad and the next few days of continuous rain, laver will be damaged in large quantities, causing immeasurable losses, and vulnerable to mosquito bites, very unclean and unsanitary.

laver dryer is a specially developed drying equipment. This equipment not only can not be affected by the weather, but also can directly extract heat from the air for drying. It is very clean and hygienic, and can meet the national safety standards. It can be fully operated 24 hours, which saves a lot of labor. The forced hot air heated by electric heat pipe or steam heat exchanger circulates in the box, which enhances heat transfer, increases water evaporation rate and shortens drying time. The whole box body adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the hot air box is circulated, and the wet and hot air is reasonably discharged and the fresh air is supplied, so that the thermal efficiency of the oven is greatly improved. Fully automatic laver dryer is also suitable for drying fruits, dehydrated vegetables, feed, monosodium glutamate condiments, chemical pigments, rubber, fibers, electronic components, new materials, clothing, food and other industries.

laver dryer advantages: 1. environmental protection and pollution-free: no combustion and emissions, fully in line with food hygiene standards, is a sustainable development of environmental protection products. 2. Running safely and reliably: The whole system runs without flammability in traditional dryers (fuel oil, gas or electric heating). 3. The drying effect is good: material does not deform, crack, color, deteriorate, oxidize

laver dryer dried products are plump, bright, glossy and customer-centered. We sincerely hope to cooperate with all walks of life to create success and brilliance.


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