Perfectly meet the processing needs of scented tea dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

As the efficacy of flower tea is recognized and welcomed by people, flower drying technology is also more and more concerned by enterprises. How to keep flowers in the process of drying not only bright color, but also efficacy, so the tea flower dryer carries the banner of drying flowers, perfectly meet the processing needs of flower tea! ____________ The characteristics of

scented tea dryer deforestation are as follows:

< strong> deforestation deforestation:

fast heating speed 2. uniform heating 3. less nutritional loss of tea 4. sterilization and alcoholization 5. Tea quality has been improved 6. Labor intensity has been reduced and work efficiency has been improved

scented tea dryer energy consumption is low, pollution-free, program control, simple appearance, and all processes are controlled by micro-computer. It saves time and effort. Everything sun-dried can be dried. At that time, just set the drying temperature and humidity according to the actual situation. The advantages of

scented tea dryer are as follows: 1. It has controllable temperature and humidity regulation function and high control precision. 2. Drying products have good quality, high output and high added value. 3. Improve the product efficiency and reduce the defective rate of drying products. 4. Drying environment is clean and there is no exhaust gas, waste water and waste residue.


1. Installation and commissioning equipment arrives in the factory of the demander, our company sends full-time technicians to the demander to guide installation and commissioning to normal use. 2. Quality Assurance Our company's equipment is guaranteed for one year. During the warranty period, equipment damaged by non-human factors is responsible for free maintenance.

has a professional independent research and development of air distribution system to ensure wind speed, heat uniformity, all kinds of flowers drying fast, no loss, no odor, good sales, effective preservation of nutrients!

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