Chestnut dryer is highly praised and trusted by customers

- May 07, 2019 -

The products dried by chestnut dryer have beautiful color, delicious taste, and are not affected by external environmental factors. Customers have also given high praise. The products have been sold all over the country and exported to foreign markets. The main export areas are Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and the door of European and American markets has been opened.

p>p>p>p>p>chestnut dryer technological process: 1. chestnut pretreatment 2. selection and grading 3. cooking 4. drying 5. packaging 6. sterilization

p>strong>chestnut dryer strong advantage: 1. automatic control, reduce labor intensity, greatly reduce production costs. 2. Professional drying control system can safely control temperature and humidity to ensure fragrance and beautiful color. 3. No pollutants are discharged during the drying process, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. 4. Operating costs are quite low. The sterilizing effect of

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< p> can not change the color and nutrient composition after drying, and the taste is excellent. Small investment, fast drying speed, high evaporation intensity, high efficiency, large output, good product quality.

chestnut dryer has a complete set of baking technology for different products, which is conducive to users to get the equipment and then can dry high-quality products, and help users to win economic benefits in the shortest time. With strong technical strength, advanced drying process, excellent product quality and perfect service system, P >

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has become a manufacturer highly praised and trusted by customers in the same industry. We adhere to the principle of “ customer first, service first & rdquo; so that microwave has won the trust of customers in drying equipment, and established a good corporate image. The company's after-sales service throughout the year will lead microwave and you into brilliance hand in hand!

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