High Efficiency and Energy Saving for Selected Products of Chinese Herbal Medicine Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

Chinese herbal medicine dryer is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine dryer with high cost performance in the current market, which is designed and developed by professional technical team on the basis of well-functioning dryer in the current market. It has compact structure, convenient operation, reliable use and easy disassembly and assembly. Chinese herbal medicine dryer can guarantee the natural color, full shape, effective ingredients, nutrients are not lost, good color and high price of Chinese herbal medicine. The advanced balanced dehydration technology is adopted in the drying equipment of Chinese herbal medicine

, and the user can keep the moisture content of Chinese herbal medicine at will, which improves the weight of the drying product on the premise of ensuring the quality of the drying material. Advanced equipment for processing various Chinese herbal medicines perfectly realizes the unattended automatic operation process. It can effectively preserve the medicinal properties, quality and color of medicinal materials, and meet the processing requirements of medicinal materials.

Chinese herbal medicine dryer simple process: before drying, Chinese herbal medicine should be treated preliminarily, such as washing, killing green, slicing or cutting, cooking, soaking and so on. (Different Chinese herbal medicines have different characteristics, and the preliminary pretreatment is also different.

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In the process of picking, transportation, storage and sale, if not handled properly, it is easy to deteriorate and rot. However, the dryer of Chinese medicinal materials fully meets its needs.

1. Compact structure, convenient operation, reliable use, easy disassembly and assembly. 2. More energy-saving, better quality, more efficient and more uniform. 3. Easy to operate, labor-saving and labor-saving. 4. Short cycle, high yield, no pollution in drying process.

Chinese herbal medicine dryer features simple operation, high efficiency, energy saving, good drying effect, safety and reliability, easy operation, wide range of fuels (particles, bark, corners, coal and other combustibles, also can use electricity or diesel, natural gas, etc.) and is widely used in drying ginseng, angelica, honeysuckle, schisandra, platycodon, chrysanthemum, medlar, jujube, pepper, etc. 。



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