Auricularia auricula dryer gives you the most comprehensive after-sales guarantee

- May 07, 2019 -

Auricularia auricula dryer is developed by professional technical team for many years. It can effectively solve the problems of discoloration, deterioration, cracking, non-uniform moisture content and production pollution during drying process. It can get a higher drying rate at a lower temperature and make full use of heat, so the shape of drying materials will not be damaged. Advantages of Auricularia auricula dryer: 1. Closed circulation of hot air in the dryer, high thermal efficiency and energy saving. 2. Automatic control of drying time to realize automatic management. 3. Hot air in the dryer closed cycle, high thermal efficiency, energy saving. 4. The machine has low noise, smooth operation and low operation cost. Compared with other manufacturers, air-energy heat pump drying is a new type of drying equipment. Compared with the above drying methods, the advantages are more prominent. 2. It will not cause “ secondary pollution ”, and the drying quality is better. Air-energy heat pump dryer, fungus dryer, mainly absorb free energy in the air to heat, no combustion, no waste emissions, will not cause secondary pollution to drying products.

Auricularia auricula dryer dried products full, bright color, good gloss, has been customer-centered, customer value creation concept, quality, service to win the market, sincerely hope to cooperate with all sectors of society, create success and create brilliance.

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