Tobacco leaf dryer lets you enjoy 365 days of worry-free service

- May 07, 2019 -

After years of experience accumulation and strong technical team, developed tobacco leaf dryer products, specialized in providing customers with professional, systematic integrated solutions! The appearance quality of

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< p> tobacco leaves refers to the quality factors that people can judge by their senses. The main factors of appearance quality closely related to baking are color, chroma, oil content, identity, disability and breakage. The following figure lists several different grades of tobacco leaves.

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tobacco should be “ Santong & rdquo;: the same variety, the same part, the same maturity. In this way, it is easy to bake, promote the decomposition and transformation of substances in tobacco leaves and yellowing, the same drying speed, to ensure the quality of tobacco curing.

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1. constant speed drying stage: tobacco leaves are mainly dried by evaporation at this stage; 2. slow speed drying stage: this stage is still surface evaporation stage. Tobacco drying can be divided into yellowing period, fixing period and drying period. A series of physiological changes of tobacco leaf were observed, and the appearance and internal quality of tobacco leaf were acquired.

Tobacco Leaf dryer won the favor of customers through energy saving, environmental protection, saving money and other characteristics, and willing to cooperate with long-term, the company adhering to the principle of being the world's most responsible enterprise, to each customer for the most comprehensive after-sales guarantee, so that customers enjoy 365 days of worry-free service!

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