Lemon slice dryer has received unanimous praise from customers

- May 07, 2019 -

lemon slice dryer generally uses hot air of about 60 degrees to dry the lemon pulp, which can be dried to a translucent film shape, and the drying time is less than 12 hours. Moreover, the dried lemon slices are bright in color and tasty, and have been praised by customers alike! ____________

Drying process temperature distribution is uniform, humidity can be automatically controlled, and the finished product has good color. There are different design schemes for different material drying professional teams to ensure the drying effect and reduce the drying cost to a certain extent.

lemon slice dryer is a new type of dryer with low energy consumption and meeting the needs of environmental protection. It has gradually entered people's vision, from initial doubt, trial, improvement and promotion to being accepted by most people. It is what we call heat pump dryer, also known as air energy dryer.

lemon slice dryer process does not require special supervision, after the material is baked or the drying temperature reaches, the unit will automatically shut down to achieve energy-saving effect. The unit operates at room temperature and normal pressure. Its characteristics are embodied in energy-saving. The energy-saving of Lingke lemon slice dryer is more than 50% energy-saving than that of electric heat pipe infrared microwave, 40% energy-saving than oil-burning, 20% -30% energy-saving than coal-burning. That kind of lemon slice dryer is easy to use, and in the drying process, the unit will produce cold air, which can be directly discharged into the workshop to increase room temperature.

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