Winter is coming, eggplant dryer sales season

- May 07, 2019 -

The dryer has many years of rich experience, specializing in the production and development of dryer, let's understand the principle and characteristics of eggplant slice dryer. The working principle of special eggplant dryer is as follows: it consists of feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger and dehumidifier. When the dryer is working, the cold air is heated through the heat exchanger, and the hot air is circulated through the drying material on the bed surface in a scientific and reasonable way to exchange heat and mass evenly. The hot air in each unit of the dryer is circulated by the circulating fan, and finally the low temperature and high humidity air is discharged to complete the whole drying process smoothly and efficiently. Property characteristics of

eggplant special dryer: drying area, air pressure, air volume and drying temperature can be adjusted to meet the characteristics and quality requirements of vegetables. According to the characteristics of vegetables, different technological processes and necessary auxiliary equipment can be added. <




1,eggplant dryerprocess flow: material selection & mdash; — — → cleaning & mdash; — — — → →;; — →; →;; →; →; →;; →;; →;; → &slice & mdash; — — — &r; — — — — — &mdasfoaming and drying & mdash; & mdash; & rarr; ingredients & mdash; & mdash; & rarr; packaging

equipment note Importance: The dried taste of eggplant is related to the drying degree of several drying times. The moisture content needed to be reached at each time can be adjusted.

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