Tofu drying equipment is a good choice for you

- May 07, 2019 -

Nowadays, there are many types of tofu drying equipment on the market, and customers are increasingly demanding the drying quality of products. How can we choose a product with high cost performance and good drying effect? I believe that understanding tofu drying equipment will give you a satisfactory answer! Characteristics of tofu drying and drying equipment: 1. Easy installation: easy installation, removal, less floor area, can be installed indoors and outdoors. 2. High efficiency and energy saving: Only a small amount of power consumption can absorb a large amount of heat in the air, which can save about 75% of the operating costs. 3. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: No combustion and emissions, fully in line with food hygiene standards, is a sustainable environmental protection products. 4. Wide scope of application, not affected by climate: can be widely applied to food, agricultural and sideline products, meat products, seafood, paper products, wood, leather, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

tofu drying equipment powerful advantages: 1. low energy consumption, high temperature heat pump and heat recovery technology perfect combination, average drying water consumption of 1 kg 0.2 ~ 0.3 kwh. 2. Safety and pollution-free, electric drive, no risk of combustion and explosion, no pollutant emissions. 3. Drying quality is high, drying temperature can be as high as 80 C, automatic and accurate temperature control - plusmn; 1 C, greatly improve the drying quality.

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