Pepper dryer is widely used all over the country

- May 07, 2019 -

Pepper is an indispensable condiment in our daily life. How to dry pepper products with good luster and taste is very important.

p>strong>pepper dryer, one-button pepper drying equipment, air-energy heat pump pepper dryer, drying room, power-saving drying equipment, pollution-free and emission-free, driving away the haze and returning us to the blue sky and white clouds.

Dryer has suppliers in Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and Yunnan provinces and regions of China, and has also been highly praised. Customers unanimously praise the high efficiency, energy saving and safety of drying equipment, and are willing to cooperate with long-term, mutually beneficial and win-win! Composition and structure of

pepper dryer : 1. Heat source air-energy heat pump drying unit. 2. The heat preservation room of the drying room. 3. Hot air circulation device in drying room. 4. Automatic dehumidifier. 5. Intelligent temperature and humidity control device. 6. Material trolley and material tray for pepper. Principle of

pepper dryer Principle: How long does a pepper dryer generally bake and how many degrees of temperature is the principle of using reverse Carnot cycle to absorb the heat energy in the environment and to raise it to high-temperature heat energy through heat pump device; refrigerant (fluorine amine) works through compressor and becomes high-temperature and high-pressure gas (temperature as high as 80-115 C), enters the indoor side of the heat exchanger, using wind. The exhaust heat of the machine, the air temperature in the heating and drying room.

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