Summarize the advantages of red bean dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

Nowadays, the harvest of red beans encounters bottleneck period, and the grain yield gradually declines under the influence of continuous rain, insect pests and other external factors. It is imperative to store harvested red beans and reduce postpartum losses. Therefore, the drying of red beans is of great significance to grain production and farmers'income. The strong characteristics of

red bean drying equipment are as follows: 1. Low temperature, high air volume, space drying, and the quality of dried red beans should be guaranteed. 2. During the drying process, red beans circulate continuously and grains rub against each other, which improves the cleanliness of red beans. 3. The drying process is safe and reliable. There is no danger of overheating or burning during the drying process. 4. Setting the drying temperature and working time, automatic control of the working process, automatic shutdown more intelligent.

Red Bean Dryer has advantages over other manufacturers: 1. The product is reliable, the quality of large manufacturers is guaranteed, the drying effect is better, and the product has more market competitiveness. 2. More intelligent, using visual operation interface, setting up scientific and reasonable drying process, so as to achieve the best drying effect. 3. Be the most responsible enterprise in the world. Make 24-hour after-sales phone calls to ensure that after-sales personnel arrive at customer sites in time.


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