How to Select Barley Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

China is the main producer of barley. In today's market, barley dryer has a variety of styles and prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, while the price of better effect is relatively higher, and the effect of cheaper drying products is not guaranteed, so it is particularly important for customers to choose a suitable product for themselves.

Barley drying can be roughly divided into natural or mechanical ways. Because of the high requirement of barley drying, and ordinary natural drying can not achieve better results, often suffered from the loss of birds, rodents, gale. Therefore, mechanical drying is often used. Steam is the heat source of products and resources are utilized reasonably. It is an ideal drying equipment in the industry. The color and quality of barley dried by this method are guaranteed, and barley drying equipment can fully meet its various needs. Market value of

barley dryer : 1. If barley is dried naturally, it will be damp and mildew when it encounters rainy weather, which will affect the yield of barley. 2. In the process of barley storage, product cleaning is particularly important, and unprofessional cleaning methods will lead to barley damage, pests, and greatly affect its market competitiveness. Reasons for choosing barley dryer 1. Intelligent degree, centralized control of the whole production line, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection of the production line. 2. The equipment runs stably, safely and has a long service life. 3. The quality of dried products is high, green, safe and pollution-free. 4. The layout is reasonable. The overall layout design of the production line comprehensively considers the rationality of the production process and public works. The workshop is coordinated, neat and beautiful.

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