What maintenance matters should be paid attention to when using Chinese herbal extract dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

Chinese medicine extract is extracted from the roots and leaves of plants, especially the alcohol extraction process. It contains high sugar content and is easy to soften and melt at high temperature. The ordinary centrifugal spray can no longer satisfy the drying. In view of this situation, our company has organized a group of capable technical force to develop a special spray drying machine for Chinese medicine and has been extended to some famous pharmaceutical factories.

Our company Chinese medicine extract drying equipment adopts fully enclosed form, all parts are made of stainless steel, equipped with three-stage purification device, filtered air up to 100,000 grade requirements. The cylinder is equipped with cold wall device, so that the wall temperature is less than 80 C, the material stays on the wall without coking and deterioration, which greatly increases the powder yield (up to 95%) and does not produce mixing and sticking phenomenon. Elephant.

it solves the following problems in the drying of materials: 1. the material adhered to the wall and the low powder collecting rate; 2. the material stays on the wall for a long time, resulting in the coking deterioration of the material; 3., it is difficult to clean and does not meet the requirements of GMP; 4. the output is low: the LPG-150 type spray dryer, its output can only deal with 50-60kg/h liquid. Characteristics of

Chinese herbal extract dryer 1. Vacuum low-temperature drying: microwave vacuum drying extract is mainly under the effect of microwave energy, combined with vacuum low-temperature technology, can maximize the efficacy of medicine. 2. The scope of application is wide: it is applicable to the thermosensitive extract materials at 50-80 C. For most of the heat-sensitive materials, the equipment has a good drying effect. 3. Easy to operate and hygienic: The equipment uses easy-to-disassemble P P material as material tray. Because the surface is smooth, the material is not easy to adhere to the wall, clean and hygienic, and fully conforms to GMP standards. It is also suitable for extracts with high viscosity. 4. The drying efficiency is high, the speed is fast, the energy is saved, the operation is simple and so on.

Chinese herbal extract dryer Applicable scope for drying, sterilization, insecticide, heating and extraction of various strip, block, granular, powder, paste and other products. Microwave dryer is mainly used for secondary drying and insecticidal, sterilization of materials. The most effective way is to prevent mildew and decay. Most farmers use microwave dryer to prevent mildew and decay. Soaking, drying or burning, airtight baking can easily cause excessive residues, and microwave insecticidal equipment can kill all kinds of fungi and eggs at low temperature to prevent mildew and moth during storage.

dryer common troubleshooting methods: 1. sticky wall phenomenon; 2., the feed volume is too large, can not fully evaporate; 3. spray drying before the start of the heating room is insufficient; 4. when spraying, the cutting flow rate is too large; 5. of the liquid material is unstable.

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