Working mode of edible fungus dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

Edible fungi refer to mushrooms (large fungi) with large fruiting bodies, commonly known as mushrooms. There are more than 350 known edible fungi in China. Most of them belong to basidiomycetes. The common fungi are: mushrooms, straw mushrooms, mushrooms, fungus, tremella, monkey head, bamboo sun, matsutake mushroom (Tricholoma matsutake), mushroom, red mushroom and bovine liver fungus.

Drying method: 1. Natural drying is a drying method using sunlight as heat source and natural wind as assistant. This method is simple and less investment. 2. Mechanical drying is a method of drying fungi by oven, oven, oven, or by using heat sources such as charcoal fire, hot air, electric heat and infrared ray. Characteristics of

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edible fungi dryer 1. Short drying time. 2. Large capacity and high thermal efficiency. When drying non-bound water, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%. 3. The airflow dryer is simple in structure, small in area and easy to construct and maintain. 4. The dryer achieves “ zero horizontal thrust ” which greatly reduces the wear of the retaining wheel and makes the cylinder run smoothly and reliably.

Maintenance of edible fungus dryer: 1. Open the back box cover and clean the interior of the equipment with soft cotton cloth. 2. To reduce friction, lubricating oil is added to the moving parts such as bearings. 3. Check the belt tension and adjust the pulley. 4. Strengthen the parts which are easy to loosen and fall off after vibration, including electrical lines, rocker arms of doors, pipeline connections, etc. 5. Energy-saving operation costs are relatively low, drying quality is good, appearance is beautiful, good quality.

edible fungus dryer technological process:

edible fungus drying equipment working principle: edible fungus dryer mainly consists of four parts: fin evaporator (external machine), compressor, fin condenser (internal machine) and expansion valve, which continuously evaporates (absorbs heat from outdoor environment) & rarr; compress→ Condensation (heat released in indoor drying room) & rarr; throttling & rarr; thermal cycle of re-evaporation.

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