Betelnut Dryer Famous Manufacturer in Henan Province

- May 07, 2019 -

Areca catechu has erect stem, arbor-like, 10 meters high, up to 30 meters high. It has obvious annular leaf marks, monoecious, multi-branched inflorescence, ovary oblong, fruits oblong or ovoid, seeds oval, flowering and fruiting period March-April. Areca nut is native to Malaysia. China mainly distributes in Yunnan, Hainan and Taiwan. It is widely cultivated in tropical Asia. The characteristics of

areca nut dryer are as follows: 1. The oven mainly consists of oven body, hot air circulation, heating system, heat preservation material, door and electrical control. 2. The outer surface of the box is made of stainless steel plate or carbon steel, and the inner gallbladder is made of stainless steel plate or riveting. 3. During the heating period, the famous electric heating tube or seamless steel tube winding heat exchanger is installed in the inner air duct of the box. 4. Food-grade silicone rubber is used for the sealing material of the box door. The seal of the box door adopts the cam lock with patent structure, which is durable.

dryer driable fruits include grapes, apples, sydney, lemon, cherry, apricot, mulberry, longan, litchi, mango, Hami melon, strawberry, pineapple, banana, persimmon, kiwifruit, citrus, green grape, fresh jujube, durian, orange peel, carambola, etc.

p>strong>areca nut drying equipmentprocess flow: grading treatment before drying-rarr; high pressure bubble cleaning-rarr; brush cleaning-rarr; vibration leaching-rarr; microwave drying sterilization-rarr; cooling-rarr; grading treatment after drying-rarr; packaging.


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