Energy saving, high efficiency and safety of diamond dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

The diamond dryer uses microwave to heat the diamond in a non-contact way. The drying process of diamond can be completed in a very short time. The product after drying has no agglomeration and good overall drying performance. Applicable fields of microwave drying equipment for diamond: diamond, tyre cracking, rubber cracking, olivine, silica, talc, tantalum ore, calcined gypsum, electrolytic manganese dioxide, fluorite, diatomite, activated clay, kaolin, olivine, etc.

Diamond microwave drying equipment is heated and dried by microwave technology. The drying time is shortened to about 15 minutes. Tunnel continuous production design is adopted in the whole production line. The production efficiency is twice as high as that of intermittent production. No stirring is needed in the drying process. The refinement of granular material is also reduced and the product quality is guaranteed.

Diamond dryer Advantages: 1. Energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection: Because the substance containing water is easy to absorb microwave directly and heat without other intermediate conversion links, there is almost no other loss except a small amount of transmission loss. About 30% & mdash; 60% less power than conventional heat conduction. 2. Temperature is controllable, thermal inertia is small: body heating, water molecules between water molecules absorb microwave and produce friction, heating, evaporation. The output power of microwave can be adjusted at any time, the temperature rise of the material medium (water molecule) can be changed accordingly, and the temperature of fine powder has little change, which is conducive to the need of automatic control and continuous production. The heating mode of

diamond drying equipment is different from that of traditional technology. It uses microwave to heat the whole material in a non-contact way. Microwave can directly penetrate the material and be absorbed by polar molecules in the material. It itself becomes a heater without heat conduction process, so it can complete the heating and drying process in a very short time.

Diamond dryer process:

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