Analysis of the Performance and Advantage of Silicon Carbide Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

The SiC drying equipment is also called abrasive powder drying equipment or silica fume dryer. With the wide application of SiC ultra-fine powder, SiC micro-powder drying equipment has also received widespread attention. The working principle of

SiC dryer is as follows: firstly, the material enters the guide area and evaporates water rapidly when it contacts the hot air at high temperature. When the material is copied by the sheet with large conductivity angle, it will be transferred to the next working area without bonding; secondly, the cleaning area where the wet material is copied by the sheet to form a curtain state, and the phenomenon of bonding drum wall is easy to form when the material falls down. The cleaning device is designed to clean the material adhering to the inner wall reasonably. In this process, the cleaning device also plays a crushing role in the agglomeration of pellets, thus increasing the heat exchange area and drying rate. Advantages of

SiC dryer : 1. SiC microwave drying equipment dries SiC evenly and the product quality is good; 2. Special cooling device is set at the bottom of the dryer to avoid material deterioration in the high temperature zone at the bottom. 3. Special air pressure sealing device and bearing cooling device can effectively prolong the service life of transmission part. 4. Silicon carbide microwave drying equipment dries silicon carbide safely, economically and environmentally. It uses electric energy, dries both inside and outside at the same time. The temperature of silicon carbide microwave drying equipment is below 40 C, improves the working environment of workers. 6. The drying speed of silicon carbide dryer is fast, and realizes continuous production. 7. Dry silicon carbide is uniform and the product quality is good. 8. Drying silicon carbide process is safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and uses electric energy.

Our SiC drying equipment not only can dry black SiC powder and green SiC powder, but also can be used as drying equipment for other powdery products, such as light calcium carbonate, nanometer ultra-fine calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, aluminium hydroxide, strontium carbonate, barium carbonate, insurance powder, barium sulfate, potassium sulfate, nickel sulfate and oxygen hydrogen. Lithium carbide, nickel hydroxide, barium chloride, calcium chloride, lithium carbonate, zinc sulfate, etc.

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