Lentinus edodes dryer with high automation and energy saving

- May 07, 2019 -

At present, the drying of Lentinus edodes mostly uses fire roasting method or sun drying method. Although the operation is simple and the cost is low, the quality is poor and the artificial intensity is high. The mushroom dryer uses heat pump dryer, fully automatic intelligent control, low drying cost, low investment cost, can ensure good quality. Lentinus edodes is one of the most famous edible fungi in the world and a traditional export commodity in China. It is not only attractive and nutritious, but also has the functions of lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer and preventing liver diseases.

Lentinus edodes drying equipment uses high temperature resistant circulating fan to circulate the forced hot air heated by electric heat pipe or steam heat exchanger in the box, which enhances the heat transfer, increases the rate of water evaporation and shortens the drying time. The whole box body adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the hot air box is circulated, so that the hot and humid air can be reasonably discharged and fresh air can be supplied. The oven is equipped with automatic temperature control system, which can control temperature accurately. Characteristics of

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< p> Lentinus edodes dryer: 1. Fully automatic control, reducing labor intensity and production costs. 2. Professional drying control system can safely control temperature and humidity, ensure fragrance, even drying and beautiful color of finished products. 3. The whole box is fully enclosed and circulated in the hot air box, which is energy-saving and efficient. 4. The use of built-in high temperature resistant circulating fan greatly reduces heat loss and strengthens heat transfer. 5. Lentinus edodes drying equipment is flexible and can use mesh belt flushing system and material cooling system.

< p> Lentinus edodes dryer technological process:

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