Characteristic and Principle of Corn Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

The corn dryer (corn drying equipment) is a drying machine used for drying corn, wheat, grain, soybean and other grain crops. Maize dryer (maize drying equipment) is suitable for farms, grain stations and professional households of grain growing. Users can choose different capacity grain dryers according to the operation scale of agricultural production and grain drying capacity. The machine is mainly used for drying high moisture rice, wheat, corn, soybean and other grains, suitable for farms, grain stations, grain growing professional households. Characteristics of

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< p> corn dryer: 1. Easy operation, automatic control system, touch screen, simple operation, automatic moisture measurement, automatic shutdown after reaching the set value. 2. It has a wide range of adaptability and convenient combination. Different drying stages can be set to meet the requirements of precipitation and yield according to the different grain precipitation. 3. The stepless adjustment of grain discharging with monitoring system and automatic regulation of hot air is adopted in high degree of automation. 4. Equipped with environmental protection hot-blast stove, to ensure that food is not polluted, at the same time, compared with similar products, noise is less, vibration is weak, fuel is saved, cost is low, and life is long. Principle of

Corn dryer: Corn crops are input from the top of the tower through bucket elevator, and the equipment is always fully loaded during operation through the distribution device. Induced draft fan introduces hot air into the inner part of the tower. Corn crops can be mixed with hot air through the combination of inverted bottomless V-shaped baffles and multi-row V-shaped baffles interlaced with processing. At the same time, it also serves as the inlet and outlet channel of dry air. Most of the dry air can be recycled. Water vapor produced during material drying is from corn dryer exhaust. The gas system is discharged, so the fuel consumption is very low. <<<



strong>corn dryercorn dryerequipment process flow: clearing grain & mdash; — feeding grain & mdash; — — — — storage grain & mdash;; — — — — — — — — — — ‐ —; —; —;; —;; —;; —;;; —;;; &mdash mdash; cooling & mdash; & mdash; grain discharge

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