High Efficiency and Energy Saving Products of Grain Dryer

- May 07, 2019 -

Background of grain dryer: Grain dryer is a kind of high efficiency and low energy consumption grain drying equipment born under the background of the national vigorously advocating the promotion of agricultural modernization.

grain dryer adopts multi-channel drying technology through hot air crossing grain pillars to fully drain moisture, thus realizing the continuous process of preheating, drying and cooling. It is characterized by large air volume, high wind pressure, sufficient heat, strong drying force, uniform precipitation, natural color, and unchanged grain quality. The machine covers a small area, is easy to operate and maintain, and is safe and reliable. The temperature of grain discharged from the machine has reached the standard of grain storage and transportation, and it is an ideal drying equipment. The characteristics of

grain drying equipment are as follows: 1. With the self-developed efficient coal-fired hot blast stove or rice husk-fired hot blast stove, the heat transfer and combustion heat loss are small, and only 27 kilograms of coal are needed for drying each ton of grain. 2. Drying cost is low. Mixed-flow structure design makes grain drying more uniform. Air heat exchanger uses finned-tube heat transfer. Heat exchanger has high thermal efficiency. The same price product of our company saves 30% coal in heat exchange structure design. 3. The drying technology of multi-channel, multi-stage slow-sour, counter-current and corner box is adopted. The drying effect of high moisture corn is good, the drying speed is fast, the heating is uniform, and the fluidity in the tower is good. 4. Automatic mechanical grain discharging, easy adjustment of grain discharging mechanism, no fault, water content of more than 35% of high-moisture grain can be reduced to standard water at one time. The development trend of grain dryer

< p> < p> can realize the different needs of seed grain drying, feed grain drying and sales Grain drying. The grain drying equipment has been used for a long time and has been popularized in a wide range, thus completely solving the problem that farmers depend on the day to eat.

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